Guns N’ Roses ’92: Axl, the Impractical Joker [true story with photos]

Back in the early nineties,  GUNS N’ ROSES basically ruled the mid-spheres of planet Earth, and as all of us know, the then-already-disbanding classic line-up of the band took full advantage of all the regard boeuf that comes along with the perils of rock n’ roll decadence.

During their first full South American tour in November/December 1992, as of their stay at the luxurious Hyatt Buenos Aires Hotel, W. AXL ROSE, enchanted by the 1000 + fans that just WOULD NOT leave the hotel premises [all of them determined to hang in there in some sort of vigil until the band left the country for good], thought it would be fun to have a ‘Jackass’ moment, to which GENE KIRKLAND, one of the band’s former official photographers, volunteered.

Waving a deck of dollar bills, down to the lobby come Axl and a big chunk of his entourage, among which, Kirkland, sporting nothing but a towel, a baseball cap , boots and eye wear.

And there, in the same lobby where seven months later [after the very last classic GN’R concert] Rose would cater a pocket show at the grand piano for a crowd of few, Gene dropped his bathing regalia to the ground, only to be detained by the local police  – which seemed to be having fun by frisking an intoxicated nude foreigner.

Not many registers of the dare have surfaced in the last twenty years, but the two snaps below surely are worth many:





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